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Launched in 2009, Esquire Middle East and provide a definitive voice for affluent and educated men in a region who enjoy high levels of cultural diversity. Subject matter follows the classic areas of any man's existence - culture, lifestyle, world affairs, fashion, sports, music, celebrity, art and design, health and more. Esquire's role as a magazine for men in the Middle East highlights local issues and trends through interviews and investigative features, giving a platform to local achievers, whilst incorporating global content, thus ensuring the international reputation of the brand. 2015 will see the expansion of Esquire's digital presence as grows and develops, while the Esquire Weekend digital newsletter continues to attract more subscribers. Both are optimised for all platforms and form an essential part of the 360-degree strategy that has made Esquire an industry leader. The bi-annual print standalones, the Big Black Book of Fashion and the Big Watch Book will once again add to the roster of high-class publications.

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